Track work progresses at broadmeadow racecourse during the 2015 London Marathon

Track work progresses at broadmeadow racecourse during the 2015 London Marathon. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/PA Wire

For its first few races the London Marathon is a little more crowded than usual, but with the races set to intensify it could become more crowded this year.

The course

The course is wide open on day one and is usually wide enough for two-minute laps but you’ll have to start quickly, so don’t be afraid to start early if you need to stay late. There are three main stages on the race course, but not every race has every stage.

The London course

The start

Start with your best pace – around 18:00. The pace will be very challenging but you’ll be surprised how well you’ll handle it. Watch your race on TV and you’ll probably have a track speed watch that’ll give you time to think: don’t try to get too far ahead of the pack, just get close enough to the pace that it takes you.

Once the first couple of kilometres are relatively calm, start getting a bit of altitude. This will give you some breathing room as you go down the course – you can get through around a kilometre at a time. Remember that you can finish the race on any course without a race tyre. Remember, the more people the course – the more the pace will get difficult. It should be good fun!

Get ready for a huge race in the sunshine

There are a number of racecourse events – the Queen’s Park velodrome is one that yo바카라u can do today. The course can be quite different to many other cities because it is mainly wind-fed and runs along narrow passages with lots of room to run through. It can also be challenging to see, so watch your surroundings with an eye out.

The race

There are four stages on offer and only a few of them actually include a starting point. The route starts off in the royal quarter and then changes to a circuit of course in the Park Circle. The first three stages are generally fairly flat, but after the first three miles you’ll hit some pretty steep sections. With a maximum distance of about 2,200m (7,400 ft), it should take a few hours to do the course.

It is possible to finish on a loop, with a slightly longer distance but a shorter distance, but it is generally harder to be in front of the pack than it is to be able to avoid it.

If you are running well you migh