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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has long opposed social distancing measures, and many of the country states are reopening for business even though the outbreak remains severe. Australian Associated PressJune 17 2020 10:05AMBrazil hits record for daily virus cases”There is a crisis, we sympathise with bereaved families, but it is managed,” said Braga Netto, who spoke during a webinar held by the Commercial Association of Rio de Janeiro.Braga Netto said Brazil’s deaths per million people figure was better than that of Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy and France. As such, the Army general said he “was trying to convey a message of optimism in the management of the crisis.”His optimism was not shared by the World Health Organisation’s regional director.Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) Director Carissa Etienne said in a video briefing from Washington that Brazil is a major concern.

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buy canada goose jacket From the First Nations art installations that are peppered throughout the grounds to subtle nod to the region Douglas fir trees, The DOUGLAS has positioned itself as a must visit for locals and visitors alike.If you considering a staycation this winter, we rounded up the best properties in the country largest cities.The 10 things travellers will do more of in 2020Dinnertime can be one of the best bonding moments during a multigenerational family trip.If you planning some adventures for the upcoming year, chances are you be partaking in at least one of these travel trends, whether you realize it or not. This week, we looking forward to the upcoming trends in the travel industry, and frankly, each one is something to look forward to. Dining with locals, spending more time in one destination (hello, slow travel) and bringing pets along for the ride are just a few of the trends forecast to grow this year.Travel on the cheap: 3 international destinations and 1 Canadian that are easy on the walletOn Vancouver Island, you can find ancient cedars and Douglas firs that pre date Columbus.Your New Year resolutions list is a conundrum: you want to save more, but you also want to travel more buy canada goose jacket.

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