Security and technology

Our company IBA Company LLP takes care of the security of the information that is being processed, and for this, the service we provide is:

  • Secure online business analytics system
  • The system is in the cloud on a server in Germany or Switzerland for maximum data security
  • Only a certain authorized circle of users has access to encrypted access, depending on their level
  • The system is personalized for your type of business, and for business processes that interest you
  • You can always upgrade the system, expand its capabilities and add new functionality

Our team IBA Company LLP is moving in the trend of modern information technology and we are doing everything to accelerate and improve the work:

  • Modern visualization
  • We work In Memory
  • Аutomatic scaling

IBAC LLP enables business transformation by applying the most relevant technologies of today. We offer a full stack of digital technologies including edge computing, serverless computing, AI and machine learning, leveraging both open source and native cloud platforms and APIs. Our cross-industry expertise accelerates your time to market and leads you smoothly through complex change.